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Mobile menu layout

  • Hello,

    I would like to ask how can i change the tree following on mobile on the screenshot attached

    1) font size

    2) menu

    3) black screen change with another color or picture

    Moreover i would like to ask on nasa core to change from suchroous to asychronous loading

    Did you changed anything on this year updates?

    My site from 50 on google page speed went to 85 on desktop and from 20 on mobile went to 60

    Did you changed code? I am happy with this results.

    Thank you,




    In your issue
    – Change font size for menu mobile:
    /* ================ */
    body #nasa-menu-sidebar-content #mobile-navigation li a {font-size: 70%;}
    /* ================ */

    – Menu: this is menu use in version desktop, you want change this, you need change location for main menu =>

    – Change background sidebar menu mobile:
    /* ================ */
    body #nasa-menu-sidebar-content {background: blue;}
    /* ================ */

    Please add css to / wp-content / themes / elessi-theme-child / style.css

    With all our themes, we still develop for them. thank you very much !

    NasaTheme team.

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